Misha Calvert, Actress

“Jessica was the first industry person to see who I *really am,* like she could look past all the outside and just see my mind and heart.

From the moment she first started working with me, I felt gorgeous, fascinating, and hopeful--about my look and my career. It was truly a turning point."


Hillel Meltzer, Actor, Broadway, Off-Broadway, TV and Film

“Jessica Myhr's talent and skill as an image consultant consistently impressed me. Her ability to understand and target my individual style and essence, made for creative, professionally progressive sessions.

She educated me on color, insightfully helped me to define my personal style and together we structured a dialogue for me to honestly pitch myself to agents, casting and producers.

Working with Jessica is a game changer. I'm more confident and trust that my image whether online, hard copy or in person, now represents my worth.”


Julia Hochner, Actress, “All My Sons” Gulf Playhouse Florida

“I had a phenomenal experience working with Jessica. She taught me so much about how my look can serve my acting career and allow the fullest expression of myself to come through.

I did her headshot package, and it was tremendously helpful. The last time I took headshots, I showed up with five shirts and that was about all the preparation I did - and my shots were fine. This time, Jessica helped me create a specific plan of action and taught me to think of taking headshots in an entirely new way -- and I had so many great shots, it was a struggle to pick one!

Through our work together, I learned so much, from what colors and cuts are most flattering for me to how to really engage with the camera during the shoot. Throughout the process, Jessica was amazingly insightful, supportive, and so fun to work with! She will change your life!”


Sarah Skiest, Actress

“Jessica Myhr is brilliant at discerning what is unique about everybody, and then creating a style and marketing strategy to highlight the individual.

She helped me prepare for my new headshots, and I LITERALLY haven't met a single industry person who has seen them without commenting on how great they are. At least three have asked who did my pictures, and while I love my photographer, Jessica is the one I credit with making my shots stand out.  

She's always available and helpful with any branding question I have, and even after my headshots, she continues to be vital resource for me when it comes to my career. I couldn't recommend Jessica more highly.”


Deborah Benner, Actress, Season 2 House of Cards

“I want to commend you on not only your technical styling knowledge and skills, but also on your personal insight and character "typing" that truly prepares an actor for their profession.

Thanks to you, I am re-inventing my career!  After receiving college degrees in both Theatre and Music, I joined SAG in 1987 and have worked constantly, ever since. Through all the changes of various decades, I made my living with bookings in certain "types"- but always felt like it was a roulette wheel of random chance.

Now I know (at a much later time in my career) where I belong!  In all my career I have met no one with such specific skill as yours for honing in on the science of what makes one marketable. You are a true gift to others.”