What is Inherent Style?

Whether you’re looking for better career opportunities or simply an update to your image, Inherent Style can help. Together, we’ll reveal your unique makeup and showcase what makes you – YOU. You’ll gain the skills to look your best.

Gain the skills to look your best.

Why choose image consulting?

Because you’re worth it! Why not live life to the fullest and look amazing while doing it?

All people – regardless of age, body shape, ethnic heritage, or economic status — have a inner style that is inherent and unique. From your personality to your DNA, no one is exactly like you. So why conform to a generic view of what you “should” wear?

An image consultant is not just a stylist. Stylists can make you look amazing, but you’ll have no idea how they did it – or how to get those same results on your own.

Instead, an image consultant gets to know who you are and what you need. From head to toe, we’ll work together to determine the looks that are right for you. And along the way, you’ll gain the tools and expertise to continue doing this for yourself.

What will I learn?

Each person is unique, and so are their image needs. Jessica can show you how to:

  • Find a defined color palette that makes you pop –and makes others take notice.
  • Identify cuts of clothing that look best for your body type.
  • Edit your wardrobe to leave room for key new pieces.
  • Break out of a shopping rut and learn what to look for when shopping new stores and brands.
  • And most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence to express your true self — and your inherent style.


Hillel Meltzer, Actor, Broadway, Off-Broadway, TV and Film

“Jessica Myhr's talent and skill as an image consultant consistently impressed me. Her ability to understand and target my individual style and essence, made for creative, professionally progressive sessions.

She educated me on color, insightfully helped me to define my personal style and together we structured a dialogue for me to honestly pitch myself to agents, casting and producers.

Working with Jessica is a game changer. I'm more confident and trust that my image whether online, hard copy or in person, now represents my worth.”