Every client is unique.

Whether you’re looking for better career opportunities or simply an update to your image, Inherent Style can help. Choose the services that fit your needs or contact us for a customized package. Gift Certificates are also available.

Body Type Analysis

Find flattering looks for your shape.

No longer will you doubt whether a crew or v-neck shirt looks better on your body type.  In the retail environment, we’ll determine your most flattering cuts, lengths, and styles no matter what your size.

Color Analysis

Discover your "WOW" color.

Everyone is unique and has a unique "WOW" color. We'll work together to find a color palette that will help you look and feel your best. You'll know what to buy with confidence.

Personal Shopping

Learn where and how to shop.

Whether you are preparing for a special event, headshot looks or need wardrobe basics, we will target specific retail destinations based on your individual needs. We’ll focus on finding unique looks for your essence. Note that you’ll need additional budget for purchasing pieces. For more information, contact Inherent Style.

Looks and Styling

Learn how to put looks together.


We’ll either look at your current wardrobe or put together new looks from our shopping session.  Based on your preferences, this session includes looking at what you have, making recommendations on what you need, and giving style tips on putting looks together. I’ll help you assemble 3-4 amazing audition outfits or appropriate looks for your type. If you need it, we can also add additional hours to find more looks or prepare for different occasions.

In-home Wardrobe Analysis

Solve your morning fashion crisis

This session will take place in your home. I’ll assess your current wardrobe to determine what works, what to keep, and what replacement items you need. As we work through your closet, I’ll explain why each piece works (or doesn’t) so you’ll understand what looks great on you.

Marketing & Image Strategy for Performers

Learn the “Who Am I?” of your unique product

This is an ongoing engagement that will help you create specific looks to market your type and be true to your unique essence. Along the way, you’ll get tailored advice for meeting industry professionals and going to auditions, as well as personalized style and shopping ideas via email.

This package also includes when-you-need-it assistance over the course of our work together. If you need real-time help determining what to wear for an audition or feedback on your headshots, we’d love to assist you